by Brock Benson

Twenty-six years. That’s how long it’s been since a solar eclipse has happened on the scale that is set to happen on August 21st. The last time the U.S. saw an eclipse of this magnitude was 1979. From approximately 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. the moon will completely block the sun’s presence over parts of the U.S. and everyone from Lincoln Beach, Oregon to Charleston, S.C. will share in the experience at one point in time or another.

It’s no understatement when I say that everyone is talking about it. Both Newsweek and USA today have recent stories covering the event that, at this magnitude, might really be once in a lifetime. Eclipses themselves, we are told, are relatively common. But a solar one on this scale is really rare.

Its rumored that tourism will spike all over the United States as folks from all around the world travel here to share in the experience of the eclipse. And since Nashville is in the path of this total eclipse we will probably experience an influx of visitors ourselves. But more than everyone talking about the eclipse is the fact that there are many who are seeing the it as a spiritual phenomenon that’s going to be revealing hidden questions. In a recent Newsweek article, the renowned TV science personality Bill Nye was asked why someone should care about the eclipse. His response was rather profound.

Two questions everyone wants to know: Where did we come from? And are we alone in the universe? And if you want to know the answers to those questions you have to explore space.”

It would be naive as a Christian to say that there aren’t many millions of people asking deep questions because of what is set to happen August 21st. I don’t consider myself an overly charismatic person who is into “signs”, per say. But how can we as the church not look at this “sign” as an opportunity for the gospel? Furthermore I think this is an opportunity for churches to do gospel-centered discipleship with our people on the subject of signs and wonders. Some are searching for and seeing answers they think the eclipse is bringing when in fact it may not be.

Beginning August 6th Revive will begin a 3 week study called “Signs and Wonders” as we enter into this popular, divisive, mystic, and perplexing subject. We can’t promise we’ll give you every answer you’re searching for. But we can promise you will hear about one answer that makes complete sense.

signs and wonders

According to NASA the Eclipse will begin in Nashville around 11:58 a.m. and end at 2:54 p.m. with the total eclipse happening from 1:27 p.m. to 1:29 p.m. So mark your calendars! We’d also love to extend an invitation to your family to be with us at Revive August 6th as we begin our study “Signs and Wonders”! Everyone in attendance will receive a free pair of eclipse glasses so you can share in the experience with your family.

Then I looked when the Lamb opened the sixth seal, and a huge earthquake took place; the sun became as black as sackcloth made of hair, and the full moon became blood red.

Revelation 6:12 New English Translation


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