by Jenna Davis

I’m not currently a mom, but in my job as a nanny I basically get to pretend to be one during the work week. I hear a lot of mothers talk about how God often uses their children to teach them truths about Himself, & recently the Lord spoke to me through a seemingly “mundane” moment with the little one I care for….

After a messy breakfast of milk, banana and Cheerios, I grabbed a wet cloth to wipe his banana-covered hands and face–& he HATES when I do that.
*He also currently has a cold, so when wiping his nose enters the equation, it’s practically World War III.

I do my best to clean him up, as he turns his head from side to side, trying to avoid me. While he is squirming and crying and expressing his frustration for this momentary experience, I tell him,”I’m sorry, buddy, I know you hate this, but I’m trying to help you. You’re all messy and I need to clean you up.”


Enter…The Holy Spirit.

In that moment, He sweetly reminded me that HE knows what it’s like to be in the shoes of a caregiver, & that He is a good one. He loves His children and always wants, and does, what’s best for us. While we may wiggle, squirm, & cry out of frustration in those uncomfortable moments as He is working on us, He is patiently & calmly saying, “I know you might hate this, but it’s for your good. I’m making you beautiful; I’m making you clean.” (Hebrews 12:11)

It was a beautiful moment of realization for me.

However…if I’m honest…most of the time I don’t see it as beautiful, and usually wish that those times of God’s “cleaning-up” weren’t so painful. Sometimes I wish I could just skip to the parts of my life where I get exactly what I want, how I want it, and everything is glorious and wonderful, all wrapped up with a neat little bow…like the end of a Hallmark Holiday movie. (And, let’s be real–thanks to the invention of the internet, iPhone, & Amazon Prime- we are pretty much used to getting what we want, whenever we want it.) But that’s not the way sanctification works & it’s not how discipline works.

It’s hard. It’s challenging.
It’s laying down my will.
It’s daily dying to self.
It’s taking up MY cross to follow The One who bore it all for me when He carried HIS.

He is God.

He is good.

If I believe He is God and He is good, I must also believe that His plans are wiser, better, & that, in spite of my doubt, perseverance is possible, patience is still at work and (slowly…always slowly) making me perfect.

Jesus was a spiritual revolutionary. He said a lot of shocking things to a lot of people, including His disciples. In turn, some of them walked away not being able to reconcile it in their minds. I pray my response would be like Peter’s when those other disciples walked away. Jesus asked him if he wanted to leave, too. His response: “Where else would I go? You alone have the words of life.”

Jesus is still a spiritual revolutionary. He will sometimes ask us to walk through hard things. His heart-shaping and discipline, even if it doesn’t always feel good, is always for our benefit and growth.

And where else would we go?

He alone has the life we need.

He is worth trusting.
May we always long to REALLY trust Him, and rest in His sovereignty, wisdom, goodness and love.


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