Many months ago Jenna Davis led us in worship for the first time. We’ve come to know and love her. She’s been leading us full time for the past 2 months. And just this past Sunday, she became our permanent Worship Leader at Revive church! So we thought we’d take this opportunity for your to get to know her a little better.


Tell us about your salvation experience.

Growing up, my parents did an excellent job of discipling my younger brothers and I, by always talking to us about Jesus, and taking us to church. When I was four years old, for some reason, I felt led to go into my room, kneel down beside my bed and pray. As strange as it may sound, I remember talking to and meeting Jesus in that moment. He was so real to me, even at such a young age! I remember coming out of my room to tell my mom about it. She actually wrote about the experience (in my “baby book” as we call it). She said I came out of my room that day and told her, “Mom, I gave my heart to Jesus. I prayed to Him, worshiped Him, and trusted in Him.”  I’ve strived to live my life in that posture ever since.


Do you have a life verse?

I’ve always loved Psalm 139:23-24

And I am also very fond of Psalm 37, specifically verses 3-7.


When did you first start playing music? 

I’ve loved singing since I was a little girl (and proved it by constantly singing The Little Mermaid soundtrack everywhere I went.) I was a freshman in high school when I started leading worship, and a junior in high school when I started playing guitar and writing songs.


What is your philosophy of worship?

I believe true worship can be how we live out The Gospel of Jesus in our everyday lives. The first mention of the word “worship” in scripture is in Genesis when Abraham takes Isaac up the mountain to be sacrificed. I believe we “worship” when we live out lives of love and obedience to God. I also believe God invented music & that He intends musical worship to be a big part of communing with Him and to be a faith-building vehicle for the church. Worship is something that is going on at all times in Heaven and will continue throughout eternity, and it’s beautiful that God gives us a taste of that experience here on earth.


What is something God has taught you (or is teaching you) recently?

I’ve been reading a book by Phillip Keller called “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23”. It goes through each line of the Psalm and relates actual sheep tending with all the ways Jesus is OUR Good Shepherd. It has been very encouraging and eye-opening to see how He takes such good care of us as His “sheep”, and learning how to trust Him fully as my Shepherd.


What do you like most about Revive church?

I really love and appreciate how welcoming everyone is and the community aspect. It’s always felt like a safe place and the people feel like family 🙂


What is your favorite breakfast cereal? 

That’s a tough one….but I think My current favorite is Honey Kix.


Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone?

I am a little bit of a conspiracy theorist, so I think it’s a definite possibility that he had help.


What is your favorite soft drink? 

Root beer…or La Croix if that counts! 🙂


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