Prodigal Victory

by Brock Benson

Tonight marks a historic night in Smashville (Yup, I just did it. I’m on the bandwagon. It’s cool). The beloved Predators have the opportunity to do what no professional team has done in my 6 years of living in Middle Tennessee; play for a championship. It’s really cool to see how winning brings a community together like few things truly can. I have heard from a few of our Revivers that regularly attend Preds games that the post season atmosphere in Bridgestone has been incredible. Folks from all walks of life who have nothing in common but the team they root for are finding themselves high fiving and cheering their team to victory. While I can’t consider myself an official hockey fan or even a legit Preds fan yet I will admit that I hope we will be smoking some duck after tonight.

We’ve been in a study at Revive Church the past few weeks called Prodigal Love. Prodigal as we learned in our blog post from last week simply to means to give something away on a lavish scale. It doesn’t automatically entail a sinful path. Yesterday our attention was  centered on how Paul describes the strength of God’s prodigal love for us in Romans 8:37-39 and how it creates a confidence for us much like Paul’s that any athlete hockey player or not would be desirous of. This is how God designed us to walk as his children that have been given such a prodigal love.

There will be many nervous fans around the city of Nashville tonight watching and waiting to see if their beloved Predators can do what few Nashville teams will probably ever do…win the big game. Sorry didn’t meant that to sound or be insensitive or anything. That’s just kind of how it came out. But in all seriousness there is a heightened sense of tension or nervousness that surrounds any type of competitive athletic event like the hockey game tonight. Its adds to the edge that athletes talk about having before a big game. But sometimes that edge and nervousness can create an adverse affect too… I remember back in college before my buddies and I played in our intramural flag football championship game I was so nervous driving to the game I got really bad gas. So bad that  when Cassie (my wife now but girlfriend then) came to meet me as I arrived the smell was so bad she asked what had happened to my truck…I was a WRECK!

Competition and nerves can do crazy things to all of us. Christians aren’t exempt from this either. We get nervous and anxious like everyone else does about anything and everything. But maybe this struggle is tied to our perspective in how we are looking at our current situations? I wonder if we create this tension and anxiety for ourselves in that we look at life much like the Preds vs. Ducks game tonight. A competition that we have to compete at to be able and win. In one sense this is true because Paul says we all have a race to run. But in a whole other sense we need to remember what else we know and that is the race has also already been won. If I can use another sports analogy think about your life’s race as simply one leg of the bigger relay race. Your leg matters but there are two important facts you need to realize as you run. First your team-team Jesus already has secured first in all the other events of the meet prior to your race. So the victory is yours you just gotta finish your leg.

Jesus competed for us on the cross of calvary so win or lose tonight we walk in a bigger victory that is ours in Him. As Christ followers we enjoy not just victory but a prodigal victory that will be completely ours one day. So as we walk lets walk in the confidence of a Prodigal Victory.

Be Revived!

Pastor Brock

and oh yea GO PREDS!!!!!!

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