Today is the day! Bust out the cash and head to your nearest florist, grocery store, dollar general, website or wherever  and make your purchase for the special someone before it’s too late!

I was joking with some friends and co-workers yesterday about the cynicism we often all associate with Valentines Day…… Of course Russell Stover, 1800 Flowers, Hallmark, Vermont Teddy Bear, Shari’s Berries, UPS and Fed Ex are all in on this day together to get our money! But maybe it is because we need them to be…. In the current era we live in we all have a common struggle to make time for relationships even the most special and sacred ones. Valentines Day offers us the chance to stop, reflect, engage and be intentional. We were created for relationships.

Love, relationships, intimacy and sex was God’s idea from the beginning. Relational intimacy specifically as experienced through marriage and sexual fulfillment is based in Gen 1:27 where God created gender. Song of Solomon hails love and sex as enjoyable gifts from God. Not taboo topics we don’t ever talk about….. Song of Solomon also exhorts us that love, intimacy and sex should be protected and guarded from the “foxes” that run rampant through the gardens of our hearts and lives. Foxes come in all shapes and sizes. These biblical passages along with others have MAJOR impacts on current conversations swirling in public and social media circles on the subjects of relationships, marriage, gender, love and sexuality. I imagine we might all find of few these today as we are scrolling through our feeds. Valentines Day is reminder for Christ Followers to be anchored in Scriptures which ultimately speak life into some of these tender areas we must engage with others on.

Since it’s a school/weekday work night I imagine this might spoil some of us who would otherwise have big valentines date plans. Tonight Cassie my bride and I are going to be on facebook live via the Revive Church page talking Valentines Day/Relationships with anyone who would like to join us from 8-8:30pm. We’d love to have you and your spouse join in with us and ask any questions you’d like. (Seriously anything is fair game.) Not going to promise we will have an answer for everything but we would love to chat with anyone who wants to join in!

Happy Valentines Day!

Pastor Brock


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