What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Church?

What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Church?

by Phil Baker

Revive church is about to enter a season of serious self-examination. We are starting a series “Rethinking the Church” which includes Bible Fellowship and Connection Group discussion times around the Transformational Church series. We invite you to join us in any of these forums.

It’s healthy to step back from the trees every now and then so we can see the forest. It’s good to do that in your personal lives as well. But when we think about “church”, what do we think about? I would guess most of our minds go to Sunday worship times. That is understandable given Sunday worship is the tent pole of most churches. But some churches have made a name for themselves by thinking outside the pew.

In Dayton Ohio, there is a Church of Christ that caters specifically to Heavy Metal enthusiasts. Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany Georgia financed a movie, Flywheel, which lead to Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous. And in Floyd County Virginia, The Wild Goose Christian Community replaced its pews with a circle of rocking chairs and it hosts a weekly bluegrass jam session.

Each of these churches (little “c”) are true to themselves and a valuable part of the Church (big “C”).

If you’re not a child of the 80’s, bear with me. Many cartoons of my childhood included a team of characters that united together to form a larger, much more powerful character – The Transformers featured the Constructicons who united to form “Devistator”. There was also Voltron and the Power Rangers. The idea of teamwork was big on Saturday morning. So its always stuck with me. And that’s how I tend to think of church. We are a unique group of people that, when united, form a unique larger being that has its own specialized skills. We can do more as a church than we can as individual Christians.

So, what does Revive’s giant robot look like? Join us as we discuss these and many more questions about (little “c”) church, (big “C”) Church and how we all fit together.