The Gold & The Purple

The Gold & The Purple

by Phil Baker

Revive church just finished a series called “The Red & The Blue”, a reference to the political colors that will fill in maps on TV stations as we elect our next president. Not only will the U.S. be watching the coverage, but the whole world will be interested. So the scale of this event can’t get any bigger.

But take local politics. Local elections for mayor, school board, comptroller or town selectman usually don’t seem to get as much attention. The difference is scale and perspective. The range of power for these positions isn’t as far-reaching. And, when compared to the office of Commander-in-Chief, these positions seem insignificant.

Many people are worried about the outcome of this election and the future of our nation. I’m among them. But if you put it in perspective, it really isn’t that significant. Beyond “The Red & The Blue” is “The Gold & The Purple”. These colors represent royalty, sovereignty and dominion. When we recognize that God is seated firmly on his throne, that He too is watching the election and already knows who will win, and that He knows what the future holds, we can breathe a sigh of relief. Compared to God, the office of President isn’t that significant.

In fact, when our founding fathers had to come up with the title for our nation’s top office, they struggled with it. Mark Forsyth, a writer on…well…words, recounts the story.

“I want to take you back to the United States of America just after they’d achieved independence. And they had to face the question of what to call George Washington, their leader. They didn’t know. What do you call the leader of a Republican country? Some people wanted him to be called Chief Magistrate Washington, and other people, His Highness George Washington, and other people, Protector of the Liberties of the People of the United States of America Washington. Not that catchy. And everybody got insanely bored, actually, ’cause this debate went on for three weeks. And the reason for the delay and the boredom was that the House of Representatives were against the Senate. The House of Representatives didn’t want Washington to get drunk on power. They didn’t want to call him King in case that gave him ideas, or his successor ideas. So, they wanted to give him the humblest, meagerest(ph), most pathetic title that they could think of. And that title was president. President. They didn’t invent the title. I mean, it existed before, but it just meant somebody who presides over a meeting. It was like the foreman of the jury. And it didn’t have much more grandeur than the term foreman or overseer.”

As you vote, keep in mind that you are only voting for someone to “preside over” the US for a finite time. And in the grand view of eternity, you are just voting for a local office. Don’t put your faith in the Red or the Blue. Elect Jesus as Lord of your life and color your home with “The Gold & The Purple”.

Psalm 46:10