Life Matters

by Brock Benson

It was 2:30am this morning when Cassie half waking me up out of sleep asked me a strange question. “Did you hear what happened in Dallas?” My reply “no what? ” Five officers shot and killed last night during a protest.” I picked up my phone and began scrolling through my twitter feed and became unsettled as I read the countless number of tweets documenting everything that had happened. The first words I could muster out where “My God.” Most likely because in these kind of moments it’s really difficult for me to see any sense in God’s plan.


Earlier that evening Cassie and I had been discussing the latest social media data taking place in wake of the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings. We both were expressing how we felt a lot of condemnation from our particular evangelical tribal leaders, and how that might be fueling the fire more than helping. Then to hear this had taken place where Cassie and I used to live just 5 short years ago made it difficult to go back to sleep. So I laid in bed and asked God what he wanted me to say or if he wanted me to say anything at all?


Having welcomed in a new born baby boy into my home for just over a week now “life” is in a little bit clearer focus for me. I once again afresh and anew sincerely understand the precious commodity it is. Garner James depends on Cassie and I for everything he needs to survive. He doesn’t understand what is happening yet in the world. But one day he will and he will be shaped by the opinions and understandings of his parents. How do I explain a week like this to him? Life matters.


Life is a precious gift from God and it is to be valued. Life as an inclusive ideology includes black lives, white lives, blue lives, unborn lives, Hispanic lives, Islamic lives and anyone else whom God has granted air to breathe. Life must be protected it must be stood up for, and it must not be taken unjustly. Whether that be by a cop or an inconvenienced female.


In a year of political chess, evangelical bickering about issues and candidates maybe, just maybe God knew it would take a week like this to wake us up. Until in our own nation  the central point of agreement can be that life matters death is going to continue to win. Jesus gave up his life because he believed that life matters. The question we must answer is do we believe that too? If we do then action must take place.


Revive Church as your pastor I urge us to pray earnestly for revival and the return of King Jesus.

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