Someone’s Watching

by Bill Mingle

Have you ever had the feeling someone was watching you?

You may look around and see no one there, but still have that feeling. Maybe it’s when you are leaving to go somewhere, maybe heading to church, going to the market, or just mowing your lawn. Does your neighbor see you get up and go to church every Sunday?

The fact is, you are being watched. The day you proclaimed Jesus Christ as Lord of your life publicly, you began to be watched…by the world. The secular world is watching all of us as Christians. Watching, waiting, ready to point their finger, and say, AH HA!!! SEE WHAT THEY SAID! SEE WHAT THEY DID! SEE HOW THEY ACT!! or any of a number of ah ha! moments.

They won’t acknowledge that we are human, born with a sin nature and are still prone to screw up. They are just looking to point out how hypocritical we are, and looking for a reason not to go to church, and live like they know they should be.

Knowing this is all the more reason we should all be conscious of our actions in public to be sure. Do we really want to be part of someone refusing to go to church and hearing the gospel because they may have seen one of us doing something we shouldn’t be doing as someone who professes to be a Christian? Yes the world is watching…but so is God. I have to remind myself of that quite frequently as I’m driving in traffic, and someone cuts me off causing me to stop suddenly, sometimes causing a noise in the back of my stock truck…and i know that noise means I’m going to have to spend time cleaning up spills when I hear it. God not only watches me get angry over this, he hears what I’m thinking and then he hears me asking for forgiveness afterward. He is faithful to do so.

What I don’t want to happen is some person to not come to know the Lord, because of something I’ve done or said. Will they forgive me? I’m sure I’m not the only person who struggles with trying to be the person God wants me to be, but I’m the only one who can do something about the way I act and live. I know someone’s watching. I know God is watching too. As He watches me, I want Him to see Jesus walking beside me.

Recently, Revive church honored me with the responsibility of being in a leadership role as an Elder. I always thought of an Elder or Deacon or Pastor as someone looked upon with honor and reverence held to a higher standing. When I think of myself in that role, I think of ways I fall short of this. But with God’s help, I know He has a plan to use me in spite of how I view my shortcomings. Now, more than ever before, I have to be aware of how I live my life.

Because someone’s watching.


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