Servant Evangelism

by Brock Benson

Evangelism is a word that a lot of people throw around in the church world. It is one of those tribal words we use in various settings with certain people to help ourselves feels spiritual in a moment where maybe where we are lacking or feeling unsure spiritually. We love to impress people with helping them to think we are spiritual in anyway we can and when we use the words we know the tribe speaks it gives us an even better reputation than before.

But lets cut the none sense for a second. What is evangelism? Let’s not just use words we think fit or seem right at the moment let’s have an honest discussion about what it means. Evangelist in Greek was someone who brought good news such as Philip in Acts 21. The news brought; the only news that really matters: Jesus died and rose paying for your sins so you can be a son or daughter upon repentance and belief. This is the gospel message of hope.This message changes everything for you and for me. Through belief in it we are co-heirs, immortal, inheritance benefactors, and the list goes on… Simply put the gospel: Is a dead man defeating death so that one day we might too.

The church over many different decades and historical time periods has seen and thought through different ways to get this message out. Admittedly I believe there are times in church history where we have been better at it then others. I am not a church history expert just a pastor but I believe others would agree with me on this observation. Case in point the differences between the first and second great awakening showed we can easily screw evangelism up in ugly ways.

While I could go through a lengthy dialogue on the many different types of evangelism and their pro’s and con’s let me share briefly in a form of evangelism I believe in a lot. Servant Evangelism is form of evangelism where the Church testifies to the gospel  through demonstrating a heart of service. This is for the purpose of placing and creating for ourselves positions where we can verbally communicate who Jesus is to people who don’t know him. I’ve participated in Servant Evangelism in Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, and now Nolesnville. I have had great conversations through these opportunities but have yet to lead someone to Christ on the spot during the serving time and prayer walks. However I believe God was and is at work through each of these moments.

At Revive this summer we are going to continue to serve our Nolensville community in the hopes that God will stir up Christ centered conversations. I hope you will join in on the many opportunities to share our faith this summer through serving with our MxM equipment in the Bent Creek neighborhood. Tonight at 7:30pm we will be showing a movie and would love for you to join us by the pool! Blessings.

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