Leading Generously by Serving Generously

by Ken Watkins

The Living Generously series has led me to serious introspection in both the areas of time management and how I typically react to needs I encounter. Following the second week and the “Night Court” dream that Frank experienced, I found myself looking at the way I often have given my leftovers to God in the area of how I spend my time. Too many days I have found myself filling my plate with personal priorities and barely finding the last few minutes before falling asleep at night to spend talking with God. I also have spent too many weeks waiting until Saturday to prepare for leading Bible Fellowship rather than meditating on and studying the topic all week long. God expects more from me as a  Christian steward in these areas in addition to the financial areas of my life.

It is amazing how God reinforces messages we receive from the pulpit and Bible Fellowship in other areas of our lives. This morning I attended the Nashville Business Breakfast at Lipscomb and the keynote speaker entitled his speech, Servant Leadership. Just like Frank, in Living Generously, I have usually reached for my money as the first way to solve any needs that I encounter. The talk this morning was a quick reminder of the lesson I learned from Frank that I need to be more open to rolling up my sleeves and using my time to minister to others and get to know them personally in the same way Jesus ministered to those in need that he encountered. The servant leadership concept is one that I look forward to applying in my new role as an elder at Revive. God has called us to do life together and serve each other whether we want to or not. If Christ could wash the feet of those who about to betray or deny Him then I must learn to be willing and available to serve others as well.

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