by Phil Baker

What’s that in your hand? A phone you say? I hardly ever see you talking on it. And when I do, you’re holding it like a slice of pizza. You mostly text and use it to check social media. This is probably true for most people today. In fact, there’s a good chance you’re reading this very blog on a smart phone right now! All the more reason for Revive church to have an app.

We are launching this app with much excitement and eagerness as it will hopefully help us do 3 things:

  1. Connect with our members.
  2. Reach our community.
  3. Disciple others.

How will an app do all this? Obviously having this on your smart phone will make it easier for Revivers to check in during the week, read this blog, listen to past sermons and to give. If our members are more connected, this could help us reach our community by making it easier to share content with friends and neighbors giving them a better feel for our worship services and our culture and hopefully leading them to connect with us in person. Through all these tools, we also hope it will bring you into a closer walk with God and inspire you to get deeper into His word.

Download the Revive church app now by going here.

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