That’s It?

by Kyle Hope

This past weekend, I was reminded yet again of how disappointing things are in life. I know that’s a pretty depressing start, but hear me out till the end. I am not a big fan of TV shows, but I do watch one in particular that has to do with “walkers” and the apocalypse. (you know it..) This show had it’s season finale Sunday, and for weeks in advance they had been leading you to believe something huge was going to happen to the main characters. After a drawn-out, uneventful episode that was comprised mostly of commercials, the show ended abruptly with a cliff-hanger. The viewer learned nothing big in the story line, and 90 minutes of people’s time was flat-out wasted. I went into the episode expecting a resolution to the hype, and it never came. As I went to bed, I felt restless because of the unresolved nature of the episode. I couldn’t stop thinking, “how can they end the season like that!?” I was severely disappointed.

This silly example of a TV show shows the bigger issue that we will always face in this world, we won’t be satisfied with it. We all, at some point, buy into the hype of an idea or a thing, only to be left disappointed and saying, “that’s it?” Maybe you thought getting married would cure your loneliness. But it didn’t. Maybe you thought that higher position at work would give you security. But it didn’t. Maybe you thought winning the championship would make you a winner. But it didn’t. In doing these, we’ve made an idol up in our heads and told ourselves, “that’ll fix my problem.” But in reality, those searches for fulfillment will only lead us further away from real satisfaction. These dreams of romance, money, power, and victory are all things of the world. While the aspiration for those things is not necessarily bad, we must know that our expectations of them will not be met while we are on this earth.

When I think of someone who was discontent with the world, I think of Solomon in Ecclesiastes. He was perhaps the richest man of all time, yet he still referred to everything as “meaningless.” He had everything you could ever imagine in this world, yet he was still left saying, “that’s it?” But Solomon concluded Ecclesiastes with a statement that brought meaning to his life, and can be applied to our lives as well, saying, “Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyone’s duty.” (12:13) It is our duty to obey God, and Jesus told us what the greatest command was, and it is to love God. (Matthew 22:37-38) So the Bible ties itself together here and tells us that in the midst of our search for joy, we can only find it in the love of God. Christ said “I am the the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again.” The struggle of fulfillment is what Jesus was talking about in that passage. He knows what you’re hungry for, and He is adamantly telling you that He will satisfy it. Jesus is the answer to whatever you’re craving in this life. He is it. Our disappointments in the things of this world, including zombie TV shows, are just events planned by God so that you may come back to His glorious satisfaction. Only with Christ can we stop saying, “that’s it?” Because Christ is the answer to that question. So join me loving Him more than anything that this world has to offer. He will never disappoint us in this life and in the life to come, He is it!

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